Dedicated IP VPN

Selected VPN servers allow allocation of dedicated IP (aka private IP). Such IP is used only by you and no other Astrill clients

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Standard IP

Standard VPN connection

By default while browsing with Astrill VPN, the IP that you use to access the Internet is shared between hundreds of other users who are using the same server at the same time.

This is great for your anonymity, as it makes it even harder to track the activities performed under this IP back to you. Since there are so many others accessing the same IP and using it for browsing, it becomes impossible to say who on the network did what.

Why would you want dedicated IP?

If you need to forward ports on your VPN IP (in order to use P2P services such as Skype or Bittorrent or to make some local services available to the Internet - for example local web server) you will need a Private IP.

Private IP is not shared with any other users and on selected servers (marked with star) all ports can be forwarded to your device connected to the Private IP over OpenVPN, StealthVPN, Wireguard, L2TP and SSTP.

VPN Dedicated IP
NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall

You can enable NAT Firewall on your private IPs and close all ports or allow up to 3 selected ports to pass through on torrent-enabled servers.

Just $5 for your own IP

Just $5 for your own IP

Private IP costs 5 USD/month and requires active membership. It can be purchased with membership or additionally from memberzone.

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